About the Photographer

I was introduced to wildlife photography by my father at the age of 15 on a family safari to Tanzania. I fell in love with the bush immediately upon arriving in the Serengeti. A few more trips to Zimbabwe, camping in the bush, and photographing elephants for hours at waterholes, cemented my passion for both photography and conservation of these wild, remote areas.

Traveling around the world, sourcing products, and working with conservation groups, I discovered that my camera can tell important conservation stories through images. If you’re curious about our wonderful world, I invite you to share in these images of unique destinations which I’ve been fortunate enough to visit myself.

One concept I’ve learned in my travels is that the more people experience animals in the wild, the more they appreciate the pressures these animals face. I hope these pictures inspire you to learn about the importance of conservation efforts for the survival of the animals and the lands they inhabit.

After spending the first half of my career working in the merchandise and retail field within cultural attractions, mainly zoos and aquariums, I found I wanted to do more than simply focus on profit. I honestly felt I wasn’t doing enough to move forward conservation efforts. So I shifted our company to focus on “conservation commerce,” working with groups and social companies who were developing businesses with conservation focuses.