About the Photographer

I am a wildlife and conservation photographer.  I was introduced to wildlife photography at the age of 15 and have been in love with traveling to the bush to photograph nature since.  I have traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas, visiting some of the most beautiful and wildest national parks in the world.


My goal is to visually share the beauty of wildlife and their habitats and the conservation issues internationally.  I travel to remote destinations around the world to photograph our natural world.  I work closely with conservationist organizations to capture images of their projects and help publicize the important work they do to conserve our endangered species and environments.  My images have been published in several publications and my photographs have been featured in photography exhibitions.


I am a partner in Safari Professionals, designing conservation-based safaris around the world for groups and private travelers.  I am the photography guide for our wildlife photography workshops and will host some of our safaris as well.


Prior to becoming a professional photographer, I worked with conservation groups to develop businesses in communities around wild places, creating and additional income opportunity which had a profound effect on the livelihoods of the residents and positively affecting wildlife conservation. 

Walking with Masai in Kenya is one example of creating jobs through tourism.